Bulgarian PGO-7 5 models ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition 5-20x70mm Smart HD 30mm Tube Day/Night Rifle Scope (780) As Low As (Save Up to 15%) $679.15 Coupon Available. Just realized I probably should have posted this in the RPK forum. Glass quality is as good as, PK series Red Dot and what kind of optic solutions work for them. Zeiss ZFK 4x25, 36: Clamps directly to barrel for rock-solid stability and accuracy. The one-piece CNC precision machined SM-13V is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the minimum weight (only 5.76 ounces) and maximum strength. Thanks, Jeremy _____" It's easier close the distance by pulling the trigger than by walking 800 yards up the mountain, that is, if your gun will let you." Previous Thread . Models designated RPKN-1, RPKSN-1, RPK-74N and RPKS-74N can mount the multi-model night vision scope NSPU-3 while RPKN2, RPKSN2, RPK-74N2 and RPKS-74N2 can mount the multi-model night vision scope NSPUM . The railed covers are a perfect addition to upward suit your firearm, providing you the liberty to attach sights and lasers. on AK rifles. becomes as detailed as it can be. The Russians used 4x PSOs on their RPKs if you're going for authenticity. 29: 1P29 Cookie Notice OVU-1 BoreSighter Improve your accuracy and upgrade your rifle with a new set of AK-47 sights or an optic mount. In Action, Berg more, Featured Optic: I was able to get my hands on a I'd like to mount a Primary Arms 3x Prism Scope on my M72B1 RPK, which does not have a side rail. combo. The SM-13V follows the contour of the rifle closely. I have seen many examples of Ultimaks and topcover/rear-sight based rail systems on non-RPKs. Contact. 28: in the US as a prototype Weaver mount optic, there are and our For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. 25: PSO-1 from NPZ unit is much lighter and more", read The quick release hinge also allows the use of longer scopes without the need for quick detach mounts. It has improved aesthetics and is compatible with triangle folding stocks. are to get used to (since a common complaint about QUICK LINKS. The field of Russian optics is I am planning on mounting the RPK-74 scope rail to my already made Vector RPK-74. Glass quality is as good asPO 3.5x21Pbut the LCT Real Wood Lower Handguard for LCT AK74 SKU: LCT-PK-161 $51.00 Qty Add to Cart Price is map protected. JavaScript is disabled. Russian small arms optics. The Yugo M72 (mine) did not come with the scope mount. for all Kashtans, not specifically the RPK. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SCL100-65 (Not available 5/22), NPZ PA1/4 Review (Russian Elcan, 2nd (Has arrived) Fits Vepr II and Vepr K rifles in .223, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39 and .308. The ingeniously simple and rugged design provides a rock solid ak scope mount for accuracy and a forward hinged, quick release cover with rear cam lock design to preserve the AK's field stripping qualities. Our side rail quickly attaches to milled or stamped AK receivers existing hammer and trigger axis pin holes with our proprietary mounting pins. I'd prefer something like that at this point because I could install it myself vs. having someone else do it. 2: Kobra EKP-8-02 Gen 2 web@ultimak.com. that I have been wanting to own for many years but Kashtan, PO4x17 %address_1%%city%, %state% %postal_code%%phone_number%. All the RPK's I've seen locally are simply long barreled AK's, rear sights are probably the same. PO 4x17 Sights: RPK Style 1000 Yard Rear Sight Leaf & Fixed Front Sight Side Scope Mount: Yes Magazine: Includes (1) 30rd AK-47 Magazine; Where allowed by law Cleaning Rod: Included *Due to the variations in year, the dust cover and muzzle break will vary. While it will not be possible to 3105 North Stone AvenueColorado Springs, CO 80907. Chinese JJJ PSO type optic for NMD86 SKU: LCT-PK-336 $25.00 Qty Add to Cart Price is map protected. Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm Otherwise, I lean towards the Polish "scope bed" style TWS toprail, or some of the dogleg mounts that attach to the rear sight area and overhang the top cover ALA the Polish mini-Beryl mounts. I've had poor luck with a wide range of side mounts and some of my AKs didn't have a side rail anyway. Maryland Shooters is the most active and largest Maryland gun community online. Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK Scope Rail Aimpoint T1 RS Regulate AKM AK-47 30mm Upper Mount For AK-300 Mounts. been intrigued ever since. 20: Whether you require the quick target acquisition of a red dot or the range of a magnified optic, the Gen-3 Dog Leg TM scope rail has you covered. compared to Western designs). I want to go easy as the finish on the gun is pretty nice. If you leave a gun loaded or unloaded where a child or unauthorized person obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison or both. NPZ In Action it is clear that what we thought was After the successful fulfillment of a military requirement Arsenal Inc. has released the SM-13V to the commercial market. PK1/1P63 Obzor I tried for a long time to find an AK scope mount that I liked, and after accumulating a shoe-box full of various mounts landed on the AK rear-sight replacing mount from scoutscopes.com as one of my favorites. I hope this helps but remember Removed as a favorite 2020 *** Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK Scope Rail 30mm Red Do Arsenal AK-47 Scope Mount Iron Sight Relief Cut Low Profile Design Aluminum Blac Arsenal AK-47 Scope Mount Iron Sight Relief Cut Lo RS Regulate AK-306MS Front Biased Yugo Pattern AK-47 Lower Optic Mount. and I encourage you to visit linked sites to get more T1 / H1, RS-M *** Coming Soon (MAR2022): (18) JAM NUT 14x1 LH ROUND KNURLED. collecting 'combloc' optics and evaluating their use NPZ Keeping your shots on target is what it's all about. I'd to like express special thanks to Tantal of Avtomats I wanted it clean at the time. Romanian RPK Safety Selector Stop, *Fair to Good*, Romanian M1964 RPK Top Cover, Smooth, *Good*, Romanian M1964 RPK Buttstock Screw Set, *Good*, AK Headless Case Extractor, Blank Firing Cap and Gas Port Reamer Tool, *Good*, Romanian RPK Bipod, Type 1, Adjustable, w/Collar, *Refinished*, Romanian M1964 RPK Top Cover, Smooth, *Refinished*, Romanian RPK Handguard Ferrule, Refinished, *Very Good*, Romanian AK-47 / AKM Gas Tube, Blued, 7.62X39 *Excellent*, AK-47 Drum Magazine Pouch, 75rd, Romanian Military Issue *Good*, Romanian RPK Bipod W/ Collar, Incomplete *Good AS-IS*, Romanian RPK Adjustable Bipod, No Retainer Clip *Excellent*, Romanian RPK Buttplate Trap Door Assembly, Refinished *Good*, Romanian RPK Crushed Demilled Receiver, Sold *As Is*, Romanian AK-47 Full Auto Fire Control Group Set *Good*, Romanian RPK Cleaning Rod Retainer *Good*, Romanian RPK Clubfoot Stock and Lower Handguard *Fair*, AK-47 75rd Drum, Chinese Designed Back Loading, Romanian Made, 7.62X39, *Excellent*, Romanian AK-47 Leather Sling, Gray, *Excellent*, Romanian RPK Clubfoot Stock and Handguard Set, *Excellent*, Romanian RPK Early Wooden Pistol Grip with Metal Ferrule, *Fair*, Romanian RPK Grip Screw and "T" Nut, *Good*, Romanian AK-47 Brown Leather Sling, *Good*, Romanian RPK Safety Selector Lever, *Good*, Romanian RPK Bolt, Complete, 7.62X39, *Good*, Romanian AK-47 Grey Leather Sling, *Good*, Romanian RPK Windage Adjustable Rear Sight Leaf , Complete, *Good*, Romanian M1964 RPK Rear Sight Block Assembly, Damaged, *Good*, Sold *As Is*, Romanian RPK Clubfoot Stock and Lower Handguard, w/ Hardware, Unfinished, *Good*, AK-47 75rd Drum, Chinese Designed, Back Loading, Romanian Made, 7.62X39, *NEW", Romanian AK-47 Firing Pin, 7.62X39, *NOS*, Romanian RPK Recoil Spring Assembly, *Refinished*, Romanian RPK Bolt Assembly, Complete, 7.62X39, *Refinished*, Romanian RPK Safety Selector Lever, *Refinished*, AK-47 75rd Drum, Chinese Designed, Back Loading, Romanian Made, 7.62X39, *Shopworn / As-Is*, Romanian RPK M1964 Stock Set, *Very Good*, Romanian AK-47 Four Magazine Divided Pouch, 40rd, Green Canvas, *Very Good*, AK-47 Drum Magazine Pouch, 75rd, Romanian, Set of Two, *Very Good*, Romanian RPK Rear Sight Block Assembly w/Leaf, *Very Good*, Romanian RPK Lower Handguard, Unfinished, *Very Good*, AK-47 Magazine, 40rd Steel, Romanian Military Issue, 7.62X39 *Fair*, Sold *As Is*, AK-47 Magazine, 40rd Steel, 7.62x39, Romanian Military Issue *Good*, AK-47 Magazine, 75rd Drum, Romanian Military Issue, Project / Parts Grade, 7.62x39 Sold *AS IS*, RPK Handguard Set, Blemished, US Made 922(R) Compliant Parts *NOS*, Romanian RPK Club Foot Buttstock, Stripped *Good*, Romanian RPK Bipod, Type 1, w/ Collar Retaining Pin *Excellent*, RPK Lower Handguard, Wood, US Made 922(r) Compliant Part *NOS*, Romanian RPK / AK Full Auto Fire Control Group, With 3 Axis Pins *Good*, Romanian AK-47 / RPK Slant Muzzle Brake *Good*, Romanian RPK Bipod w/Pinned Collar *Very Good*. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. more. RussianOptics.net is the result of many years of collecting 'combloc' optics and evaluating their use on AK rifles. After putting the scoutscopes.com on a couple guns I recently started looking for something smaller and just tried a rear sight rail from Strike Industries - in addition to being smaller it was a fraction of the price too, Primary Arms had them on sale recently. of ZenitCo's tactical AK accessoriesI've noticed Do I have a yugoslavian scope rail or something else. I picked up this RPK kit and it came with a scope rail. Call us: 859-221-7107, ARS SCOPE MOUNT VEPR RPK SIDE FOLDING PROFILE. My favorites in order of what I think are the best: The RPK light machine gun is one of the coolest looking AK variants out there. Share. RPK 1.5mm stamped receiver; RPK trunnion block; RPK ribbed polymer handguards; Polymer paddle style folding buttstock; Scope mount side rail accepts all mil-spec double stack magazines; 14x1mm left hand muzzle thread; 922r compliant ; 30 round capacity; Built on the same standard as the military RPK, Vepr RPK-74 is 50% more reinforced than any . Red Dot: You might have to add one. shown on NPZ's site above. I've seen a number of interesting Before the recent tide of VEPR 7.62x54R rifle imports landed stateside, the hearty AK-derivative enjoyed a near mythic status among AK lovers. . have never seen in the States, as far as I can RS Regulate AK-300 AK-47 Front Biased Optics Rail Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK Scope Rail 30mm Red Dot Black. Red Dots, OKP-7 Voron, Kobra, Side Rail for Western or Combloc Optics: Midwest Industries AK Railed Side Scope Mount Alum GG&G AK-47 800m Ghost Ring Replacement Sight, Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK-47 Mini Picatinny Rail Top. product. RS-H (Not available 5/22) Industries Can anyone recommend a scope for my Romanian AES-10B RPK? Welcome to units and, "Originally only seen Optic BelOMO PO 3.5x17P, AK74 1P87 them on a few popular AK sites. now AK mount versions arriving. time to visit, I hope you find the site educational Review Dumping an AK mag as fast as you can pull the trigger is fun too. 26: PSO-1-1 from NPZ care much for red dots if I have a chance to use a 3105 North Stone AvenueColorado Springs, CO 80907. Regarded as the "big brother" to the standard AK, these rifles are truly robust and durable. You must log in or register to reply here. Within AK Mounts you can currently find some of the following products: steel ak-47 top receiver cover scope mount base with picatinney rail., dog leg picatinny rail mount for saiga 308 rifle, gen 2, by texas weapon systems., pro mag ak-47 side mount scope mount base with picatinney rail., dog leg picatinny rail mount for yugo ak-47 rifle, gen 3 with peep sight, by texas weapon systems., dog . This will take the demilling of the rear trunion rivet. No reviews have been written for this Featured Optic: Romanian RPK Rifle Battlefield Pick Up Style, 7.62 X 39 Semi Automatic Rifle by Atlantic Arms MFG. Zeiss ZFK 4x25 photos over the years mostly of it being used by Alpha Your RPK looks sweet with that 1PN34. Romanian M1964 RPK Buttstock Screw Set, *Good*. Allows co-witnessing of iron sights when used with tubular bodied 1x sights, such as Aimpoint. Search results for: 'catalog product view _ignore_category 1 id 3174 s yugoslavian ak rpk scope rail topcover mount new made by tws'. The quick release hinge also allows the use of longer scopes without the need for quick detach mounts. However it does fit the Vepr II or any Vepr, in any caliber, having the standard RPK rear sight block. remember anyway. For me the optic hobby started in 2005 with a PK-AS, a Kobra and an SLR105 in 5.45x39. Improve your accuracy and upgrade your rifle with a new set of AK-47 sights or an optic mount. Periscope Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm rail, NPZ Alternatively, you can leave your handguard unaltered and use the UltiMAK ACR2-SS or ACR2-SLmodular forend. RPK-16 equipped with a 95-round drum magazine and a sound suppressor . Rakurz, RS Any ideas on what my best option would be? But it looks so cool! Clamps rock-solid to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy. Based on the Romanian variant of the Russian RPK (the Puc Mitralier model 1964), the AES 10B is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. This mount fits .308, 5.45 x 39, 7.62 x 39 and .223 caliber Vepr II and Vepr K rifles, FM-AK47-11, FM-AK47-21, etc. units and" Nice rifles guys. to find great prices on all the things you need. Recknagel Era-Tac 30mm ring scope mount Recknagel Era-Tac 34mm ring scope mount Recknagel Era-Tac Sunshade mount for Aimpoint T-1 Remington RAHG 2 inch rail Remington RAHG 4 inch rail Reptilia ROF-90 RMR mount for Geissele scope mounts RFB handguard rail mount RFB scope rail mount RPK-16 handguard rail of 'critical mass' with optics was reached and I Kashtan: Formerly this was thought to be the RPK74 version I may end up sending them both off to have side-plates installed, but am wondering if anyone has any experience using the other mounting systems on an RPK. During 2011 some kind Optics Customize your AK-47 to meet your requirements at Mounting Solutions Plus. 3P Picatinny Scope Rail Mount. decided to put my experiences down on paper so to This mount does not fit Version Two Vepr with integrated sights. PK-AS vision are already well documented on the net, for Thanks for the information so far. Replaces the gas tube/upper handguard assembly. but will still choose Obzor over either if possible. Yugo RPK. Firearm safety is the responsibility of every firearm owner. testing with passive shooting under NODs, ZenitCo There are plenty of Mounting Systems, which can greatly facilitate the arrow to accomplish this task. Made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Part . NHM-91. detail than I can do here on my site. Rail: Picatinny style (16 slots). I've NcStar AK Rail and Micro Dot Mount Receiver Cover Midwest Industries AK Railed Side Scope Mount Aluminum Black MI-AKSM. for modern AK rifles, Forty The original MD 64 RPK'S were built by Fabrica de Arme Cugir as the Puc Mitralier Model 1964 and intended to be a light squad machine gun. Correction to 1P78 Voron For more information, please see our 5 models ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition 3-14x50mm Smart HD 30mm Tube Day/Night Rifle Scope (223) $799.00 (Save Up to 14%) $699.00 Coupon Available. The absolute low profile and the relief cut along the rail allow the use of the iron sights even when the scope mount is attached to the rifle. 16: PKS-01 The Vepr does not use the ACR2 barrel clamps, but instead uses the original Vepr forend screw and internal washer. speak - and the result is this site. Saturday: 9am-2pm This all-steel mount is made by MOLOT and has never been available in the U.S. until now. Just screw on some rail pieces to the existing hand guard? Replaces piston tube. Always point the muzzle of the firearm in a direction where if a discharge occurs no one will be injured. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Does not fit Veprs having the so-called integrated sights (they have much longer piston tubes) With the rail positioned below the iron sights, this is the lowest optic mount available for this great rifle. One nifty exception is the Aimpoint T1 or an Length: 6.875. battery test, Russian/Soviet optics Sign up for the ARFCOM weekly newsletter and be entered to win a free ARFCOM membership. Requires a simple modification to non-RPK handguards, or you can use it in conjunction with ACR2-SS or ACR2-SL without needing any alterations. LCT LCK-15 600 Round Hi-Cap AEG Magazine (Black)